Founder, Art Director & Lecturer 
Living and working in the fields of Norwich

Clients Incl 

︎︎︎Elle, Esquire, Courier, Harpers Bazaar, Hunger Magazine,
    magCulture, NB Studio, Rankin, Season Zine, Wunderdog,
    The Guardian


︎︎︎Visiting Lecturer, Design For Publishing,
     Norwich University of the Arts. (1 day a week)

︎︎︎Founder, Akin Magazine
    Norwich’s first indie magazine shop.


Podcasts - 
︎︎︎Monocle - The Stack, MagHeroes, Overleaf

Articles - 
︎︎︎99% Lifestyle, Creative Lives in Progress, Journo Resources,     magCulture, Newspaper Club, The Arena, Print Mag 

Video - 
︎︎︎You Go Girl Documentary


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Instagram - @alicedaisypomfret
Twitter - @alicedaisyp

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ADP 2022